The OPMA office is located at The Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto

Directions to OPMA

Coming WESTBOUND on the Gardiner from downtown Toronto, exit South Kingsway, then turn onto The Queensway WEST. Travel along Queensway to Parklawn (third set of lights). Turn left (i.e. travel south). Enter the first parking lot on the left hand side (east side of Parklawn).

Coming EASTBOUND on the Gardiner, exit Parklawn (this is the exit after Islington). Then turn left (i.e. travel north towards The Queensway). Just before The Queensway, turn into parking lot entrance on the right hand side (east side of Parklawn).

Accessing the OPMA office

Park in the parking area just before the security gate. The parking machine is located in the west corner of the lot and the machine only takes coins (toonies and loonies, $12.00 max. for the day. In the distance (beyond the security gate) there is a white brick building. Slightly to the left of this building is a catwalk. Cross the catwalk, enter the building, go down the corridor and look for the first offices on the left, Suite 209.

The Ontario Produce Marketing Association

165 The Queensway, Suite 209
Toronto, ON M8Y 1H8
Tel: 416-519-9390
Fax: 416-519-8045