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Membership Testimonials

Membership Testimonials


“We have relied on Ian and his team to be a vital part of our business decisions for years, by taking advantage of the many services OPMA offers. Our yearly OPMA membership is the most cost effective expense on our books, not to mention belonging to an association with friends and colleagues we admire and respect.”

John Russell
J.E. Russell Produce Ltd.

OPMA’s Quality Controllers’ Information & Training Seminars

The OPMA has been offering seminars to familiarize staff with the most efficient ways of receiving and checking a load of produce on arrival to determine quality according to USDA and CFIA protocol since 1996.  Topics covered include determining the quality and condition of the load upon arrival, determining if an inspection on the load is warranted, and reviewing the requirements of the federal inspection program and other independent inspection services.

Here are some comments from our members:

“The 3 day OPMA Training Seminar is very valuable for new employees who have limited produce experience. The training focuses on how to identify and describe major defects of common fruits and vegetables which are handled at Burnac. The fresh produce product knowledge acquired during this course gives  participants the confidence  to apply it directly in his/her workplace when making produce quality decisions. The Seminar also provides essential tools and resources which are a requirement to an inspector’s daily job functions.”

Ashley Schwartz
Manager, Quality Assurance
Burnac Produce

“I recently attended the OPMA Produce Inspection Training and can say that it will make a significant difference to our business. I attended with 3 other team members and now we have a common language when describing quality on incoming produce. We have also noticed an improvement in spotting less obvious issues as well as understanding what may have caused the problem. Our growers are showing improved comfort accepting our claims without the need for inspection delays as our descriptions and pictures have improved allowing them to trust our request. I would encourage anyone in the produce business to consider this course as a foundational requirement for their teams.”

Robert Kuenzlen
Mike and Mike’s
Woodbridge, ON

I graduated from one of the first seminars that Jeff presented in 1996. The knowledge I gained has allowed me to continue my career in quality assurance. I continued to work at Morris Brown and develop their inbound inspection program. I learned to systemize, photograph and present inspection results in a concrete and precise format. From Morris Brown I moved on to work at A&P. (now Metro Ontario).  For seven years I developed and improved the inspection program there. We were able to re-establish an inspection program that was trusted by our suppliers. We would compare our in house inspection with federal inspections and analyze discrepancies between inspections if they occurred. This analysis allowed our inspectors to improve their inspection practices and reduce false claims.

From A&P I have moved to Europe where I live and work in Latvia. I work for the largest food chain in the Baltic countries called Rimi. I am the senior quality specialist for F&V in our DC. We receive, inspect and ship produce to the 3 Baltic countries.  Here I work with our inspection team to improve their inspection skills and knowledge. In Latvia there is no government inspection service available so our inspections need to be reliable, consistent and accurate. Our suppliers rely on our inspections. Only in rare cases is an outside expert called to inspect a load of produce.

The OPMA has always been available to me to answer any questions I have regarding inspection or defects found during an inspection.  Jeff Honey is the true guru of produce.

Ēriks Mikelšteins
Vecākais Kvalitātes Speciālists
Senior Quality Specialist
Rimi Latvia
Riga, Latvia

I had the pleasure of taking Jeff’s course and came away with a great deal of knowledge.  Jeff takes you step by step through produce inspection procedures and quality control.  He discusses in depth, the various produce categories and how to identify and deal with any potential quality problems.  Jeff shares his knowledge and experience gained from his years as a Canadian federal inspector.  Jeff is passionate about produce and is a very capable speaker and instructor.  He has given me the confidence and skills to identify and deal with the produce issues I face on a daily basis in my job.  I highly recommend Jeff’s course to anyone in the food industry.

Dale Tuchscherer
Key Account Manager
Thomas Fresh Inc.
Calgary, AB.

Jeff and the OPMA put on an excellent course. I am still amazed at how much I learned not only from Jeff but also from the other participants. This course is a must have, especially for new people joining the industry. At the DRC we can tell when someone has benefited from Jeff’s training. The course goes a long way to keeping trade on track.

Luc Mougeot
Dispute Resolution Corporation

“I’ve never seen anyone so enthusiastic about finding and defining defects on fresh fruits and vegetable as Jeff. Jeff’s knowledge on inspection procedures is easily contagious throughout his training seminar”

Jaime Bustamante
Trading Assistance Manager
Dispute Resolution Corporation


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