Produce Made Simple

Each week on, we feature a different fruit or vegetable and share a tasty recipe for that commodity. Daily posts provide great info on how-to select, store and prepare that commodity as well as nutritional information, serving suggestions, and cooking methods. Working with the experts who grow and sell produce, we have access to accurate and up-to-date information. There is something new almost everyday so visit us often!

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Learn, Live, Love Local!

learn-live-love-localThe local food movement is upon us, but have you ever wondered what local produce is available during which seasons? Or struggled with finding recipes that include your favourite local produce? The Learn, Live, Love Local! campaign features some of your favourite Ontario grown produce in delicious recipes, along with valuable information on availability, variety and nutrition. Stay tuned for new information and ideas on how to include local Ontario produce in your daily routines!

The New Fast FoodTM

fastFoodThe New Fast FoodTM campaign is designed around the five fruit and vegetable colour groups. The New Fast FoodTM creative depicts various fast foods replaced with a fresh fruit or vegetable.

The creative used in this campaign aims primarily at getting children excited about eating fresh fruit and vegetables. The message behind The New Fast FoodTM campaign is that fresh produce is not only nutritious but convenient and delicious, too.

Gimme 5TM Campaign

gimme5The Gimme 5TM campaign aims to educate and encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables from the 5 different colour groups. The Gimme 5TM campaign explains how to determine which fruits and vegetables fall into which colour group through engaging promotional items such as bookmarks, activity books, and an interactive website. Gimme 5TM also invites parents and educators to introduce their children to the wonderful world of fresh fruit and vegetables.