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WORKSHOP: Food Waste Reduction, Oct 18

WORKSHOP: Food Waste Reduction, Oct 18

WORKSHOP: Food Waste Reduction, Oct 18

Businesses can improve financial performance by 10-plus per cent by implementing simple practices that lead to more effective processes. In fresh produce, waste typically accounts for 20 per cent of all costs incurred. Reducing waste by one per cent can result in the...

WORKSHOP: Reducing Food Loss & Waste, June 28

There is a tendency for the produce industry to accept high levels of waste because they consider it inevitable, due to perishability of products. However, work in this area has found addressing and reducing food waste can provide the following benefits: 10+%...

WORKSHOP: Reducing Food Loss & Waste in Fresh Produce, March 29

Participate in this one-day workshop to gain a clearer understanding of: how your business can profit from reducing food loss and waste, and how you can improve your processes to secure the financial benefits described above. You will receive a process improvement...
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