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Quality Control Resources

In-House Specs and Your Suppliers

An Update from Jeffrey Honey - In-House Specs and Your Suppliers Sometimes I am asked to take a look at situations that our members find themselves involved in. Usually, it is something that can be resolved with a reference to a grade standard or some other type of...

Where’s the heat?

An Update from Jeff Honey - Where's the heat? What a Summer! Hot, cool, rainy, or dry weather is hard on crops. Things do not always grow evenly, so we see things that are small, misshapen, or have growth cracks or fresh splits. These are things that we can see when...

Reading CFIA Certificates

Reading CFIA Certificates - An Update from Jeff Honey Recently, I have been assisting a marine surveyor on a claim. The case involves two air shipments of product that came from Europe. The actual commodity is unimportant. They came from the shipper and travelled with...

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